IdiotPoetia:J force

Hi for lack of a better name i will call myself "J force"

Here's what I wrote so far

What the fuck is cilantro, I don't know, All I do is fuck bitches and impregnate there embryo, But if I don't get the pussy Imma still go braggadocio, My bitches cheap, there britches deep, fuckin bitches in Bismarck archipelago, and they make there face like oh, Pussy eating sounds like staccatissimo, Yo, Demonstrating all the pussy procreating, elevating, generating all my seamen I'm a demon, Your a hoe, Coz she's fucking naked and the pace I have invaded in her pussy I've degraded and sedated with my tongue, Don't worry I'm well hung, and she motivated when I fuck her up the dung, Yeah I fuck her up the bum till she numb, and she like it when I sodomize her fucking moxie plum, But bitch your so sterical, you minion faced icterical, Your devotions are spherical, All of your emotions coming out of your testicle, But it's a spectacle, People eat you up like a delectable, Your inner feelings easily detectable, I could fuck you inside your mind coz its deflectable,

I got a mansion, my rhymes made of scansion, When i book out the club I swear they need a expansion, Wassup I'm a mystical medical doc, Opening up a pussy with my temporal cock, at the pinnacle shifting my physical form, Whimsical in a mystical storm, Limericks distant but persistent in dawn, Glimmering instants until I'm reborn, While your faggot prancing around dressed like a fawn, If I was on Twitter at underscore Porn,

Come touch my dick, Bitch you can call me nick, My name is actually Brian, They call me a sex Lion, No Lyin just a Lyon, Call me the chief of pussy prying, Ball me a thief of cushy denying, Stall me intrigued no underlying, Fall me fatigued its horrifying, I can't keep rapping all my life, All my Niggas in we slaves in strife, Even though I'm white, Steven throw that knife, Niggas go insight,

I feel hidden in the middle of the ridden take a piddle in a riddle I'm not human serpulidan I'm the goosebumps on your skin the monster to make you sin so forbidden feeling thin anorexic but I grin chop you up in the in recycle bin I cycle limbs get you drunk on gyle sips fermentation Nidal bitch that's Arab for struggle I'm a scarab in a bubble uh.