Fuck the motherfucker who wrote the original documentation for this shit, it's 5 fucking AM and I have been working to figure this out for over an hour so pay attention to my wizardry because I finally figured it out. Here is the proper syntax:

{{fakelogo|YourLogoHere.png|150|top=140|left=190}} ...where 160 is the size (sometimes needs to be a bit bigger or smaller), and the rest is easy to understand idiots. Just play with the numbers until the logo is where it should be. User:Aimsplode/sig5 01:51 9 July 2019

Original documentation

Please use it instead of {{#setlogo:}}, which no longer functions. The variables are:

  • 1 - Name of the file (namespace not required, the default value is Bouncywikilogo.gif)
  • 2 - size (px, the default value is 160)
  • top - controls the top position, the default value is 120
  • left - controls the left position, the default value is 190