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Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Encyclopædia Dramatica (also known as Ed, of Ed, Edd & Eddy fame) was an encyclopedia and people try to take down like site Uncyclopedia


Encyclopædia Dramatica has had numerous fingers and the occasional pizza slice pointed at it for its controversial content, of which has been seen to include images of play fighting, name calling and copying other wikis' homework. Dramatica has already been sanctioned numerous times by the Grand High Government of Intarwebz, the most harsh of these is the lunchtime detention he received off Mrs Uncyclopedia for putting a dead mouse in Sally Wookiepedia's hair. Headmaster Wikipedia has not commented on the situation.

AtomicJoe, the world's biggest EDiot.

ED is infamous for its inappropriate and demeaning use of the formerly great word: "Lulz"