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Used with {{Get}}, this allows one to send and return a number on the current page. This can be used to change the content of an existing page without having to create a separate page for each change, but just adjust the existing page.


{{Goto|''desired number''|''Text to display - optional''}}


The current number is 0 using {{Get}}, or the number is Template:CGI using {{CGI}}. (Note that although this does use the same technique as {{CGI}}, it does have a larger number of variables it can cope with.)

Syntax Result
{{Goto|1}} Go to page 1
{{Goto|1|Proceed to page 1}} Proceed to page 1
{{Goto|1000|Set number to 1000}} Set number to 1000
{{Goto|{{#expr:{{Get}} + 1}}|Go to next page}} Go to next page
{{Goto|{{#expr:{{Get}} - 1}}|Return to previous page}} Return to previous page
{{Goto|583|Do you pick up the sword?}} Do you pick up the sword?
{{Goto|{{#expr:({{Get}} + 1) mod 10}}|Display text|Hover text|color:black;}} Display text