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Template:IdiotNews Main Image

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To display a floating image at a maximum of 250px width. Used on the website main page with {{RecentIdiotNews}} for the list of recent IdiotNews articles.


{{IdiotNews Main Image | image name | width (optional) | link (optional) | text (optional) | left=left (optional) }}

Image name
The name of the image with extension, but without name space (ie Example.jpg). Adding in the name space will cause an error, and the default IdiotNews logo will display.
The width is limited to 250px. Enter this figure as a numeral only (ie no px). Any values above 250, or any non-numerical values, will default to 200. If using more than one variable this must have a value.
The page the image will link to. The default is IdiotNews
Tooltip (hover) and alternate text. At the time of writing this the default is "All the news that's unfit to print!"
Adding | left=left will make the image float on the left side of nearby text rather than the right side.


Input Display

{{IdiotNews Main Image}}

Single line, short

{{IdiotNews Main Image|Example.jpg}}

Single line, long

{{IdiotNews Main Image|Example.jpg|225|Main page|When you wish upon a star, you're wasting breath}}

Multi line, short

{{IdiotNews Main Image

Multi line, long

{{IdiotNews Main Image
 | image = Example.jpg
 | width = 150
 | link = Main page
 | text = There is a house in New Orleans - or at least there was before Katrina came along.