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<insert name here>

Adds the username of the registered user viewing the page into the page, so that with the sentences:

You sucks. Userpage's userpage sucks too.

The user reading will always see an insult directed toward them and their userpage, no matter who they are.

Use this template sparingly. Misuse of it (including, but not limited to, adding "{{USERNAME}} is gay" to pages) may result in a ban.

A slightly less disconcerting variant is {{USERLINK}}, which produces the user's name with a link to Special:Mypage, as follows: <insertusername>. That way, people will know that it was done by magic, not by anyone who knows them personally.

How to disable this template

Go to your idiotpedia.js file, and add the following line at the top, and then refresh your browser -

var disableUsernameReplace = true;