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This template helpfully insults the intelligence of people who might be looking for a different article.

Proper usage


{{Whoops|Article title}}

which produces

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Article title?

Multiple links

This template supports anywhere from one to five entries. To add more, just do it like this:

{{Whoops|Article title|Page name|Okay, we get it now|This joke isn't funny anymore|I WILL KILL YOU}}

This produces:

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Article title, or Page name? How about Okay, we get it now, or This joke isn't funny anymore? Possibly even I WILL KILL YOU?

Alternate text

You may also use the alt1, alt2, alt3, alt4, and alt5 parameter(s) to provide alternate text for your link(s). Example:

{{Whoops|Saturn is a Lying Bitch|alt1=a lying bitch}}

Which gives you:

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for a lying bitch?

The number corresponds to the index of the unnamed parameter you used for the link, i.e. the first link address corresponds with alt1.

Improper usage

Once upon a time it was only possible to use one entry per usage of the template, so pages tended to get spammed with several instances of {{Whoops}}. If you see a page with multiple instances of this template, please eliminate unfunny ones and condense them into single templates. If you have to have more than five links, you're probably[1] doing it wrong.

  1. Definitely!