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Why?:Drink blood

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So you are looking for something healthy to drink. Here is something you probably never thought about drinking, and why you should drink it. Blood. Yes, you should drink blood, because it is healthy for you. How could blood possibly be healthy for me, you ask? Let me detail the reasons blood is a healthy drink.

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Dracula may have been onto something.


Blood is full of protein! Everybody knows protein is healthy for you. Protein made up of amino acids and plays a vital role in repairing and building bones and muscles in our bodies. [1] And everybody needs to consume more protein as part of their healthy eating habits. More protein leads to good muscle tone, strong bones, and a healthy weight. Protein also helps fill you up! Protein is also an important part of a paleo diet. So you should consume blood because it is full of protein.


Iron is a mineral that's vital to your health. Iron has a role in creating energy from nutrients.[2] Iron is also required for your body to deliver oxygen properly to your body's cells. Iron is also important for digestion. All blood contains lots of iron. Iron is an essential nutrient to maintain your health. [3] Therefore, you should drink blood so that you get enough iron in your diet.

Low in Sugar

Eating too much sugar is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It can have many negative effects on your health. like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and tooth decay. Blood is low in sugar, because the insulin produced by the person or animal providing the blood keeps the sugar levels low in the blood. Everybody knows too much sugar is unhealthy for you. Blood is a great drink for those people who want to avoid sugar! Unless of course, you drink the blood of diabetics.

Low in Fat

Calories from fat tend to be higher per gram of fatty food than calories from protein or carbohydrates. Most high fat foods are lower in nutrition compared to low fat foods. So, you should eat a low-fat diet to maintain a healthy weight. Blood is very low in fat, because fat is generally not released directly into the bloodstream. Everybody knows fat is not healthy for you, so if you want to avoid fat, blood is the drink for you!

Low in Carbohydrates

That's right, blood fits well into a keto diet program, because it is very low in carbohydrates. It takes more work to turn fat into energy than it takes to turn carbs into energy. Because of this, a ketogenic diet can help speed up weight loss. Eating a diet high in processed and refined carbohydrates can alter gut bacteria and cause more dramatic blood sugar fluctuations, both of which can have an influence on skin health. Start off your ketogenic diet by drinking blood!

Vitamin C

That's right, blood actually contains Vitamin C. So if you want to boost your immune system, and avoid scurvy, drink blood!


Blood is very high in sodium. Consuming blood may make you physically ill. Too much iron consumption can be toxic. As a parody site, Uncyclopedia does not provide any medical or legal advice, and is not responsible for any actions taken by its readers.