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Why?:Make your first Why?

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Why.png Why? 
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There may be many reasons why you would make your first Why?, in this Why? I will go through just a few of them. However, at the same time there are also some reasons that would stop you from making one. You can use this article as a guide (When I say guide, I mean guide, this doesn't have to be the format of a Why? but it gives you a vague idea)

Why make your first Why?

Did you know...
Because the Bible is a gospel, it must be true...

There are many reasons, for example:

  • You could be bored
  • You want to try something different
  • You are getting made to do it
  • You don't have to finish it all at once - you can use the [[:Why?:Stub]] template if you need to.
  • You want to let people hear your argument

Out of these, the last one is the most important, as it helps you spread the word of what you think. Much like the bible, but on a computer.

Why shouldn't you make your first Why?

These following reasons could stop you from making your first Why?:

  • You might not be able to read, so you would of quit this page as soon as you saw some letters
  • You might not want to
  • You could be getting told not to do it, and that the local community is good enough as it is
  • You are shy
  • You don't want to tell people what you think

This last reason could just be because you are scared of what they think. So what? They can not see you, they can not harm you (physically), so even if you are a practicing Fascist, tell someone Why?:You are a practicing Fascist!.

Arguing against these points:

  1. Well you could always get someone to help you
  2. Why don't you want to, if you do it, you will probably entertain someone, or just make the admins do what they're told to do
  3. You don't always have to accept the bribe
  4. Use this as a chance to help get rid of your shyness!


If you are just writing for the hell of it, your article could get Huffed by the admins. So make sure that there is some redeeming value, (somewhere) in your article.


The reason why you should write a Why? is to entertain people, nevertheless, make sure it is written in a pursuasive manner, and you should be fine. Covering both sides of the argument, then arguing against it will also persuade the reader. This should be what your article should look like (well there abouts) however, the content will probably be a lot better than mine as you are better writers.